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Portrait of Chopin

Fioriture interpretation in Chopin’s Nocturnes by Frank Merrick

Old editions have their uses. The old Novello edition of Chopin Nocturnes has a very helpful table of the fioriture (fast florid passages) in the Chopin Nocturnes, with an interpretation by Frank Merrick of how to play them.

The general consensus seems to be that the best way to tackle these is to split them into smaller groupings, or duplets, triplets, quartuplets, quintuplets, etc. and Merrick shows one way of doing that. He says:

"...regarding the rhythmical grouping of florid passages etc., ... the following may prove helpful to those who are in need of some advice in this matter. It should be remembered, however, that there are often many possible groupings to choose from and that the success of such passages depends primarily on the taste and conviction with which the selected grouping is played."

To make the table more user-friendly, I have added Opus numbers and bar numbers, which I have taken from the Wiener Urtext Edition (Schott/Universal Edition).

A4 edition (4 sides)(media/pdf-logo-tiny.jpg)

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