I was depping on the organ the other day in a normal parish church near here. It was communion, and the choir was trying to sing And Didst Thou Travel Light by Richard¬†Shephard under my direction from the piano. Just before they started, I noticed a Very Important Organist sitting in the congregation. Why he was even there, I don’t know – I’m sure he could have had better places to be (he used to play at Westminster Abbey!).

I was fine earlier in the service, but after spotted him, I simply could not play the right notes for all the chatter going on in my head. I kept saying to myself to concentrate on the technique, to try not thinking about him thinking about me. I wished I had practised the voluntary more, and not tried to wing it.

This, I think, must be what kids think in exams. I understand, now.

I have posted about Sports Psychology for Musicians before Рsimple techniques to battle the chatter, and win.



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